GPS Tracking System in Delhi

We RoadPoint India Limited located in Delhi, are the expert in the GPS systems which are important for all types of vehicles and also for person/children/pets tracker. We have the highest selling record in GPS System in INDIA . These GPS devices work so efficiently and have a very great performance. That is the reason, these GPS Systems are so popular worldwide. Day by day, as the technology is the part of everyone’s life, its security is also going to be most important factor for all the all appliances. Now a days, everyone have their own vehicles but they are always worried from theft. The same situation is there for logistics and transporters who always want to keep tracking of activities by driver.

Our technical team, located in Delhi always keen to provide service to the customers in case of any doubt or problem. We are also known for our best technical support to the customers. These GPS systems can include the many features like real-time location tracking, SOS emergency alarm, Geo-fencing, ignition status, ignition cut-off, fuel monitoring, RFID card detection etc. Each devices are durable for long time. These GPS Systems are operated by cellular network which can be any mobile operator. It has internal battery back-up which can always send the data to the server even if the power is not available for long time. You can monitor the activities from both laptop and mobile. The mobile App is fully supported to android and iOS machines. So, from anywhere you can easily monitor the vehicle. You can get the over-speeding alerts of the vehicle on the mobile phone.

Apart from these, GPS devices are going to be used in schools, colleges, industries, and corporates at very large scale. The parents can easily track their children and in the same way, in the corporates/industries, employees work can be monitored easily. From the web server you can easily get the reports of each vehicle and each features as per the defined interval by the user.

Next important part is the installation of the GPS Device in the vehicle. It can be easily attached inside the vehicle without any tamper. Our Delhi based team always provide the support in case of any problem in the installation of device. Once the installation is done properly, there is no need to check the device after that, it will work very accurately in every instances.

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