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Speed Governor GPS for Vehicle

speed governor gps


In today’s era of speed, it is ironic that people aspire for safety too. Also, those who have no control over their speed of vehicles, they wish for something which can stop them immediately from over speeding. We are lucky that we have got a speed governor system which is your GPS Tracker too.

Those who doubt speed governor GPS if it can track the vehicle or not, here’s your answer. The speed governor tends to cut down the fuel and pedal power supply in vehicles with the help of a relay. By this, the speed automatically resists going beyond the max speed limit set in your speed limiter.

The program inside the speed governor to control vehicle speed can be customised, and thus the user is able to send an SMS command to set the required speed, say 80 KM/HR. If you exceed the set speed limit, this AIS 140 GPS Device for speed governor will ask relay to cut down the fuel supply to your vehicle resulting in low speed. It depends upon you that how much speed do you want as your maximum speed limit in your speed governor for vehicles.

1. Set Your Speed Limit By Sending The Command Over SMS To Your Speed Governor.

The mainstream speed governor demands you to drive the car for some distance on a straight road, and then it allows to add maximum speed or limit the speed. It is believed that if you buy from genuine speed governor manufacturers, your device gives its 100%.

2. Finish The Process Of Speed Limits.

When your car picks up the speed, you will get speeding alert. If you drive on the same speed for 15 seconds, the speed limitation starts automatically.And if you decrease the speed of your vehicle and it is lower than the set speed, the speed limitation process gets completed. You can also observe voice reminders during the process of setup.

3. Improve The Fleet Management By GPS Tracking

If you set up the speed alert, the GPS tracker inside the device help you set your route which is danger-free and easy to drive on. The live tracking helps you to track the current location, and thus it helps you in bad times.

The fuel injected cars are modern and that they really need speed limiters to drive safely on busy roads. The speed governor price is affordable for everyone here so that your car runs reliably on the roads of India. You search for “speed governor near me” ends here as our device have electronic sensors and GPS tracking system which marks you safe even if something wrong happens with you.

The Government of India is making everyone aware of road accidents due to over speed, so it makes sense that you find yourself a suitable speed governor for car price and get it fit into your vehicle. It is necessary to have speed limiters in your car as it tells you about the details of the car including current location, speed, etc. at the time of the accident. Anyone can offer you help then.

The GPS speed limiter is the latest innovation by us which helps you in improving the driving security with combined technology of GPS tracking and speed limiter. You get to know even about the past routes, real-time locations and various reports like SOS, over speed, etc. We ship these speed governor GPS in New Delhi NCR, Noida, Mumbai, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Pune, Bangalore, Indore, Bhopal, Jaipur, kolkata, Chattisgarh , Chandigarh, Punjab, Bihar, Assam, West Bengal, Nagpur, Lucknow, Kanpur,Kerala, Prayagraj, Allahabad and all over in India.

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